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  • SAN FRANCISCO Attractions and Tours 1.0

    Enjoy your day in san francisco, bring your family and friends and spend your day discovering new places, learning new culture and admiring beautiful sceneries in san francisco. Here's a list of attractions and things to
  • San Francisco 49ers Screensaver 3.0

    san francisco 49ers Free NFL NFC Scree... Download the Free san francisco 49ers NFL NFC Screensaver from Football legends from the National Football League, the 49ers barreling across your
  • San Francisco Daily Photo 1.2

    Displays a picture of san francisco everyday, as featured on Manuel's san francisco Daily Photo blog ( Let the Widget show you today's picture. You can read the
  • Dual Screen High Resolution Backgrounds 2009

    This free compilation of high resolution background images is designed to fit across two screens. Each screen must be set to either 1280x1024 or 1440x900 with total Image Resolution 2560x1024 or 2880x900. Images of san
  • Alawar Big City Adventure - San Francisco 1.0

    If you're a fan of object hunting games, get ready for fun in the City by the bay! Celebrated for its steep hills and famous landmarks, san francisco is now the location of thousands of hidden objects. In either Timed or
  • Driver:San Francisco Screenshots 1.0

    Driver: san francisco
  • San Francisco Rush 2049 for N64 1.0

    san francisco Rush
  • DRIVER San Francisco E3 2011 Trailer 1.0

    DRIVER san francisco E3 2011
  • San Francisco Rush - Extreme Racing for N64 1.0

    san francisco Rush - Extreme
  • DRIVER San Francisco - Video Dev Diary 1.0

    DRIVER san francisco - Video Dev
  • DRIVER San Francisco - Film Director Trailer 1.0

    DRIVER san francisco - Film Director
  • San Francisco Rush 2049 for GBC 1.0

    Play classic game san francisco Rush 2049l on
  • de_cwmbran 1.0

    Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing one of the 2 areas.Team members must defuse any bombs that are in the targeted areas. Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying theC4 must plant it in one of the 2 protected
  • Oberon Media Women's Murder Club 1.0

    Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is a unique blend of seek and find, light adventure and puzzle games combined with a tale from America's 1 storyteller, James Patterson. In this thrilling "page turner"of a game,
  • Pixelicious Pilot 1.0

    Pixelicious Pilot is a very incomplete game where the player pilots a brightly colored pixel ship over san francisco while blasting
  • WWDC2005 Lanyard 1.0

    One More Thing?? A countdown WWDC2005 Lanyard Widget! The event kicks off with Steve Jobs KeyNote at 10 a.m. and runs June 6th-10th in san
  • Microsoft Midtown Madness 2 1.00.3200

    Midtown Madness 2 games give you the pleasure of wild and frightening racing challenges. It includes new 9 hip urban roadsters as well as two new locations i.e. London and san
  • Beautiful Day -

    Painting by Alexander Chen shows kids flying kites with san francisco in the background. Pastel colors suitable for Fourth of July or
  • SiteWorx/OS

    When calculating cuts and fills, SiteWorx/OS eliminates the need for paper plans. With SiteWorx/OS digitize directly from TIFF, PDF, DXF and many other raster and CAD format files. Easily digitize with your mouse
  • Cosmetic Surgery San Francisco 1.0

    Now you can easily find information about all the bay Area plastic surgery by using Cosmetic Surgery san francisco that is an IE toolbar. It requires Internet Explorer for working.
  • LIVE 105 Radio 2.1

    Now everyone can experience san francisco's last remaining alternative rock station! Based on John Hinds' Radio One Widget and Steve Ross' various radio
  • Virgin Atlantic 1.0

    Tracking the "Trace Atlantic" from Miami? Perhaps the "The Fly Chi" from san francisco? You'll see which aircraft is being used, its status, speed and altitude - plus all that useful stuff like date, departure and
  • American Notes

    American Notes by Rudyard Kipling. Written by the first ever British Nobel prize recipient for literature, Indian born Kipling details his travels to san francisco in the lat 19th
  • Driver San Francisco 1.0

    In the DRIVER san francisco, you will play as Detective John Tanner. You will travel through the hills of the City by the bay for crime lord Charles Jericho. The game supports groundbreaking as well as renewed
  • de_backtodust 1.0

    Operation DUST is not over.The terrorists arrested in operation DUST have escaped and they are back to plant the bomb again. Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing one of the 2 areas.Team members must
  • Bridges Panoramic Theme -

    Iconic bridges stretched across the skylines of some of the world???s most beautiful and Picturesque cities???including Tokyo, Paris, and san francisco???will expand the view on your desktop with this free panoramic
  • e-Sahulat

    NADRA e-Sahulat was particularly designed for low income areas to bring faster market access through an established channel by offering technology and business opportunities in rural areas as well as in urban areas. It
  • Village People: The Videogame 1.0

    The peaceful world of san francisco is shattered when Police Chief discovers that his bros have vanished! Can he save them in time, or will the music of the Village People be lost forever? Prove the power of brotherly
  • Virtual San Francisco 1.0

    This screen saver features a realistic 3D model of san francisco. It offers five separate full-screen views and includes famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, Alcatraz, and
  • Xequte Panorama Screen Saver 2.0

    Xequte Panorama Screen Saver displays a random panoramic photo and slowly scrolls to display the full image, with support for multiple monitors. You can add your own pictures or use the ones included such as New York